Prayer for Acceptance

Dear God, hear my prayer.

As I am able now to accept myself for who I am,

I am better able to realize that I am important just because I am.
Serenity is possible every day as I realize that life is a gift to be cherished.

I can and will excel as I am able to do

Because I have qualities and uniqueness like a sparkling gem.
All my dreams and hopes will come true
As I am overcoming struggles by conquering them
In order to cherish what is possible with my belief in You.

Hear my prayer God, as I ask for guidance to decide
What direction I will be taking on this journey of mine.

Will it be north, south, east or west?
Or, will it be introspection of my inner side?
I can reflect upon this journey that you have made divine
By giving me choices and wisdom to realize the optimism that I do possess,
In order to reflect upon courage and strength to overcome any doubts
That may occur because of shortsightedness.

Where will this compass take me today?

Will the Emerald City appear in my path?
Or, right next to the rainbow of happiness?

Yes, I see the reflection of mine

Within the fountain of youth on this glorious day of Yours.
I count my blessings for just being me in this remarkable time.
Serenity comes upon me as a wave from the ocean.
And, I realize that love is within me and spreading around.
Thus, yearning for tranquility is possible with every motion
As I continue to pray for this thankful peace of mind.