Who Knows How to Listen

(The Best of Everything Column) Watch out for my trained tape recorder, which happily will record each and every word that is said. It is quiet and it is a patient listener. Even when words ramble on and on, it continues to listen. I’ve been relying on my tape recorder for many situations. I consider … Read more

Hustling With Chutzpah

Do you want to be recognized by the media? Do you want to be a shining star? Realize the ways to get acknowledgment and publicity for who you are. First, it is important to recognize the community resources available to you. Realize that the media is waiting to cover interesting stories. What media? Look in … Read more

Using Humor to Change Attitudes

Oxnard resident trains able-bodied people to sensitive to those with disabilities OXNARD–Carol Leish has made a career out of turning negative stereotypes about people into a positive affirmation of life through humor. Since 1996, the Oxnard native has led classes called Call Me Capable, for teachers, social workers and other professionals who come into contact … Read more

God in My Life

Attitude is the important determining factor of how I view things in my life. Accomplishing goals is possible through having a positive attitude. This positive attitude comes from being serene, which faith in God enables me to be. By having an optimistic attitude, I am able to excel in my personal and professional life. By … Read more