The Call Me Capable Game was published for 15 years:  2002–2017

Call Me Capable Board Game

Call Me Capable™ is an educational board game that helps students understand disabilities. The Call Me Capable Game, which was published between 2002–2017, was sold internationally, which mainly included England & Canada.

It helps them learn to respect and empathize with persons with disabilities. It stimulates players to focus on the capabilities of people living with disabilities. The game is designed primarily for educating students who are not disabled, although disabled students enjoy playing immensely.

The game includes two sets of cards. One set can be used for elementary school students. The other set with more challenging questions can be used for middle and high school students. This game has been successfully used with many groups of adults, children and teens. The game is intended to be a fun learning experience. There are no wrong answers. Players move around the board picking cards and discussing the questions posed on the cards.

  • Emotion cards ask players how they would feel if they if they interacted with people with disabilities or had to live with a specific disability.
  • Experience cards ask players to discuss the practical aspects of living with various disabilities.
  • Imagination cards ask players to imagine situations in which the player has a disability or wants to help a person with a disability.
  • Challenge cards are multiple choice questions that add to the player’s knowledge about specific disabilities, ways for disabled people to improve their lives, and famous people with disabilities.
  • Grades 3 – adult (2 sets of card included in game box).

SCANS Skills Addressed:

  • Foundation Skills: Thinking Skills, Personal Qualities, Basic Skills
  • Workplace Competencies: Interpersonal Skills, Systems

Learning Objectives:

  • Develop respect for people with disabilities.
  • Learn to focus on the capabilities of disabled persons.
  • Learn empathy for the disabled and explore how it would feel and how they would cope if they had a disability.
  • Learn about specific disabilities, their symptoms, and their causes.
  • Learn how people with disabilities use accommodations and new technologies to improve their lives.
  • Learn about famous people with disabilities who have achieved great things.