World Brain Day

World Brain Day

Carol is Highlighted in Brain and Life for World Brain Day Carol recently responded to the Editor in Chief of Brain and Life, Orly Avitzur, MD, MBA, FAAN, when asked to share about living with a disability. They highlighted Carol (among others) in Brain & Life’s recent article about getting involved with World Brain Day … Read more

Focus on Capabilities Instead of Disabilities

It’s human nature, unfortunately, to focus on what people can’t do instead of what they can do. This also includes making assumptions of what others are or aren’t capable of doing. The harm of making assumptions of others capabilities, because oftheir disabilities is sad. Stereotyping people because of their challenges, along with making assumptions, is … Read more

Poetry by Carol Leish

call me capable

Capabilities I am capable. Able to achieve. Able to succeed. Give me the challenge, And I will accept By accomplishing my best. I may be hesitant at the start, But I will succeed like the best. Optimism and courage from the heart Shows that I can conquer every quest. Listen to my desires and ideas, … Read more

Call Me Capable™ Game

Call Me Capable Board Game

The Call Me Capable™ Board Game was published for 15 years: 2002–2017 Call Me Capable™ is an educational board game that helps students understand disabilities. The Call Me Capable Game, which was published between 2002–2017, was sold internationally, which mainly included England & Canada. The game helps them learn to respect and empathize with persons … Read more

Did you know?

These are capable prominent people of the past and present Beethoven was deaf when he composed the 9th Symphony. Jim Carrey is an actor/comedian who has depression Tom Cruise is an actor who is dyslexic, which is a learning disability. Judy Garland, who was an actress and singer, had depression. Mary Tyler Moore was a popular … Read more

Capable of Success

This is a story about overcoming the odds, about doing exactly what others have said could not be done. It is a story about tragedy and prejudice turning to triumph and enlightenment. Carol Leish has been overcoming the odds ever since she was ten months old, when a car accident left her with slurred speech, … Read more