Poetry by Carol Leish

call me capable

Capabilities I am capable. Able to achieve. Able to succeed. Give me the challenge, And I will accept By accomplishing my best. I may be hesitant at the start, But I will succeed like the best. Optimism and courage from the heart Shows that I can conquer every quest. Listen to my desires and ideas, … Read more

Call Me Capable™ Game

Call Me Capable Board Game

The Call Me Capable™ Board Game was published for 15 years: 2002–2017 Call Me Capable™ is an educational board game that helps students understand disabilities. The Call Me Capable Game, which was published between 2002–2017, was sold internationally, which mainly included England & Canada. The game helps them learn to respect and empathize with persons … Read more

Did you know?

These are capable prominent people of the past and present Beethoven was deaf when he composed the 9th Symphony. Jim Carrey is an actor/comedian who has depression Tom Cruise is an actor who is dyslexic, which is a learning disability. Judy Garland, who was an actress and singer, had depression. Mary Tyler Moore was a popular … Read more

Capable of Success

This is a story about overcoming the odds, about doing exactly what others have said could not be done. It is a story about tragedy and prejudice turning to triumph and enlightenment. Carol Leish has been overcoming the odds ever since she was ten months old, when a car accident left her with slurred speech, … Read more

Inspirational Quotes

The following are some of Carol’s favorite quotes that can turn any day from negative to positive! “I dwell on possibilities” – Emily Dickenson “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.” – Helen Keller “What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matter compared to what lies within us.” – … Read more


call me capable

Re: Teri Helton’s Nov. 23 column, “Practice of gratitude can help to go beyond ‘Why Me?’” As Helton states: “Beyond tragedies, include those that happen daily to individuals we know and ever to us: the diagnosis of metastatic cancer, job loss, bankruptcy, the death of a child and more. Is it no wonder we tend … Read more