Oxnard Woman Conquers Disabilities

The victim of a drunken driver when she was riding in a car at 10 months old, Carol Leish has struggled with speech and vision challenges caused by brain stem trauma most of her life. Now 48, the Oxnard resident with a master’s degree in education and counseling from CSU San Bernardino hopes to serve … Read more

Don’t Call Her Anything but Capable!

When most people meet Carol Leish, they often assume, incorrectly, that she is mentally handicapped, hearing impaired or just plain different. Nothing could be further from the truth. Carol graduated from California State University in San Bernadino with a 3.6 GPA, earning her Masters degree in Education. Because Carol sustained severe injuries at age 10 … Read more

Continuing to Hustle with Chutzpah

Dreams do come true with a combination of persistence; chutzpah, luck and networking all rolled together as one. This wonderful journey of networking started when I joined VCPWN in February of 1997. Soon after joining, someone suggested that I contact Milt Wright & Associates, Inc. in Chatsworth. They do organizational design, training and development along … Read more

Using Humor to Change Attitudes

Oxnard resident trains able-bodied people to sensitive to those with disabilities OXNARD–Carol Leish has made a career out of turning negative stereotypes about people into a positive affirmation of life through humor. Since 1996, the Oxnard native has led classes called Call Me Capable, for teachers, social workers and other professionals who come into contact … Read more

God in My Life

Attitude is the important determining factor of how I view things in my life. Accomplishing goals is possible through having a positive attitude. This positive attitude comes from being serene, which faith in God enables me to be. By having an optimistic attitude, I am able to excel in my personal and professional life. By … Read more