Capable of Success

This is a story about overcoming the odds, about doing exactly what others have said could not be done. It is a story about tragedy and prejudice turning to triumph and enlightenment. Carol Leish has been overcoming the odds ever since she was ten months old, when a car accident left her with slurred speech, … Read more

Call Her Capable: Leish Hustles with Chutzpah

What is the best-selling board game in the world? If you guessed Monopoly, you must be sitting pretty with a hotel on Boardwalk. Two-hundred million Monopoly sets have flown off store shelves since 1935. Monopoly is currently available in 26 languages — including Croatian and Icelandic. This holiday season, however, Oxnard native Carol Leish would … Read more

Using Humor to Change Attitudes

Oxnard resident trains able-bodied people to sensitive to those with disabilities OXNARD–Carol Leish has made a career out of turning negative stereotypes about people into a positive affirmation of life through humor. Since 1996, the Oxnard native has led classes called Call Me Capable, for teachers, social workers and other professionals who come into contact … Read more