Hustling With Chutzpah

Do you want to be recognized by the media? Do you want to be a shining star? Realize the ways to get acknowledgment and publicity for who you are.

First, it is important to recognize the community resources available to you. Realize that the media is waiting to cover interesting stories. What media? Look in the phone book to find out about newspapers. The newspapers within the Ventura County area include: Ventura County Star; Los Angeles Times; Los Angeles Daily News; Ojai Valley News; Ventura County Reporter; and, Business Digest.

For the larger papers mentioned above, e.g., “County Star” & “L.A. Times”, I would recommend calling to find out who covers education, if your business deals with education. If your dealing with issues affecting the government, find out who covers governmental issues. Always call two or three weeks ahead of the scheduled event/meeting that you want covered. Mail a reminder note thanking the reporter for saying that he/she will come. Mail a thank you note and a little token of appreciation (such as a bookmark) after the reporter comes. Call the same reporter for future events in order to establish a business relationship. I’m even going to send Seasons Greetings Holiday cards to my contacts. The extra touches counts!

Also be aware of the impact that Radio has. The radio stations within the Ventura County area include: McDonald Media (KVEN/ KBBY/ KHAY); Gold Coast Broadcasting (KTRO/ KKZZ/ Q104.7/Octopus/Breeze; and, KLITE (98.3).

Realize that most radio stations offer community service announcements for free). Stations may offer community interest weekly programs. Remember; call in advance of various things that you want to have covered.

Realize the importance of Television coverage. Realize that KEYT Television is looking for human-interest stories. KEYT has offices out of Oxnard and Santa Barbara. KADY Television is a local station out of Camarillo. Call to find out if they would like to cover an event. All you have to do is give it a shot by calling.

Be aware of the importance of getting involved within the community. Yes, VCPWN is a great start. Consider joining one or more Chamber of Commerce. Join or talk to various groups in order to make more contacts (the joy of networking!). Call up the Rotary club; Lions; Kiwanis; or the Optimists. Also, become familiar with our local government, such as, the County Supervisors.

Remember that the first step is to call to let the media know what is available in the community. Stress what is the originality or interest potential of your event. Also note the importance of your event. Also, be assertive. Keep trying!

By Carol Leish January 2000   VCPWN Focal Points