Poetry by Carol Leish


I am capable.
Able to achieve.
Able to succeed.

Give me the challenge,
And I will accept
By accomplishing my best.

I may be hesitant at the start,
But I will succeed like the best.
Optimism and courage from the heart
Shows that I can conquer every quest.

Listen to my desires and ideas,
As you realize my friendship is very near,
Your qualms of knowing me will no longer be fears.

Acceptance of others can occur.
Regardless of disabilities that seem unclear,
Put prejudice aside and let openness near.

Remember, we all have many strengths and desires.
Open your eyes and accept what is around.
Discrimination will melt like a candle flickering out.

Standing Up and Speaking Up 

Value justice while reaching the goal. 
Enact an optimistic and assertive role. 
Show the willingness to excel and to strive 
In order to overcome obstacles that may arise. 

Be willing to assert basic rights. 
Have self-esteem and stand up for your rights!


Laugh away all troubles today, 
And your personality will glow in many ways. 
Smile wide and enjoy the sunshine. 
Cherish happiness, be in a good mood. 

Energy will enhance to push you along. 
As serenity comes, sing a joyous song.


Be active while you can and enjoy the time that you have. 
Keeping busy will put your mind at ease. 

As you mount the ladder of life, 
You’ll feel productive by fulfilling your needs. 
Know that the determination to improve 
Will show in every move. 
Happiness will come and begin to soothe. 



I am unique in my owns ways,
And special in many ways.

I strive for success
By trying my best.
And, I succeed by having the need.

Happiness comes when I am content.
As I realize how wonderful things actually are,
I start to sparkle like a star.

As I care for myself,
I spread my cheer afar.
I use my love straight from the heart.

While I enjoy what life has to offer,
I make certain that others enjoy it’s wonders.


Attitudes will determine pleasant times. 
Striving for success, reaching the best. 
Reaching and yearning for a quest. 
Growing and learning with knowledge of mine, 
As enthusiasm with challenge the test. 
Having the determination. 
Making the conquest. 
Enjoying with optimism, the best. 

Wonderful times will definitely come, 
As peaceful thoughts enhance and enlighten. 
Seeing the horizon and the sun 
Will soon be able to brighten 
Thoughts and actions of striving for fun.

Live While You’re Living

As the day strode along, 
Thoughts of freedom entered the mind. 
Rainbows brightened up the days. 
Eagles joyfully sang lovely songs. 
Cheerfully, the birds chirped as a gong 
Sounded as one of a kind. 
How will the sunlight follow the rays? 
All happiness starts to come along. 

Memories of satisfaction feel strong. 
As love comes, one can find 
Feelings, divine, following away. 
Wondrous feelings shall always come along.

Burning Desires

Bright light, 
Shine into life. 
Sparkle, gleam. 
Make me serene. 

Burn away my troubles today. 
Bring warmth into my life.