Recent Radio Interview

Resilience and Persistence!

Over the past three and a half years, since her Dad’s death, Carol has learned the importance of being positive and resilient in order to cope better with various situations. She realizes the essence of the statement “The glass is half full instead of it being half empty”.

Through continuing to be plucky and positive, Carol has been able to deal with her physical challenges, depression, and anxiety, instead of letting it envelop her. She definitely believes, like, Helen Keller, that ‘life is a daring adventure (gift), or nothing at all.” Thus, she is thankful for the challenges that have shaped/continue to shape her along her journey. She is like Dorothy, in ‘The Wizard of Oz,’ who found through her journey (to go home), the she always ‘had the power to go home, according to Glinda, The Good Witch, ‘she just had to find it for herself!” Carol exemplifies finding her ‘power’ to achieve by not letting any physical/emotional challenges have power over her!