During the past 15 years, Carol has established herself as an advocate for people with disabilities and has written many articles for businesses, professional organizations and local newspapers.

Motivational Speaker and Disability Consultant

As a child, Carol sustained speech and vision disabilities, as a result of an auto accident. Instead of focusing on her injuries, Carol choose to focus on her abilities and strengths. By age 22 she had already proven that she was extremely . . .

Call Me Capable Board Game

all Me CapableTM is an educational board game that helps students understand disabilities. It helps them learn to respect and empathize with persons with disabilities. It stimulates players to focus on the capabilities of people living . . .

Enjoy a few of Carol’s writings

Focus on Capabilities Instead of Disabilities

It’s human nature, unfortunately, to focus on what people can’t do instead of what they can do. This also includes making assumptions of what others are or aren’t capable of doing. The harm of making assumptions of others capabilities, because oftheir disabilities is sad. Stereotyping people because of their challenges, along with making assumptions, is

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Prayer for Acceptance

Prayer for Acceptance

Dear God, hear my prayer. As I am able now to accept myself for who I am, I am better able to realize that I am important just because I am. Serenity is possible every day as I realize that life is a gift to be cherished. I can and will excel as I am

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Towards Inclusion of People with Disabilities

My contribution to the HMA Today August, 2022 newsletter. HHMA Today is affiliated with the Health Ministries Association, Inc Even though the Americans with Disability Act of 1990 made many changes for the better for people with disabilities by prohibiting discrimination of people with limitations from public accommodations, transportation, and employment, it is impossible to legislate

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