Who Knows How to Listen

(The Best of Everything Column)

Watch out for my trained tape recorder, which happily will record each and every word that is said.

It is quiet and it is a patient listener. Even when words ramble on and on, it continues to listen.

I’ve been relying on my tape recorder for many situations. I consider it to be like a faithful friend who is dependable.

In college in San Bernardino in the ’80s, I relied on my tape recorder to record lectures in my various classes. The tape recorder was able to take the notes verbatim.

This was essential, especially when learning quotes.

When listening to what my tape recorder had recorded, I would be able to take my own notes.

What a deal! I got to hear the lectures twice. Great study technique.

Thus, I thank my tape recorder in helping me to attain both my B.A. and M.A. degrees at CSU, San Bernardino.

Over the past four years, while being a member of the Ventura County Professional Women’s Network(VCPWN), I have been putting my tape recorder to good use again.

It listens attentively and records precisely as some of the key note speakers give their presentations at VCPWN meetings.

The bonus for me is that I get to listen to the presentations twice. The second time that I listen, at home, I transcribe the notes. Then I write an article about the presentation for the VCPWN newsletter.

I appreciate my reliable tape recorder friend who faithfully helps me as I continue to write and write and write. -Carol Leish is a Disability Consultant, speaker and writer. She lives in Oxnard.

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July 27, 2000   Ventura County Star